Irrigation Consultants UK

As a leading supplier of irrigation services to Golf, Rugby & Football Clubs, Osprey has identified a need within the UK and Ireland for a sensible, practical provision of advice to allow clubs to forward plan and budget for both long and short term irrigation requirements.
Our Irrigation Consultants have seen that many clubs have established irrigation systems that were installed in the 1970’s, 80’ & 90’s.
Most of these systems are now showing signs of wear and in many cases are now starting to create high cost centres (in both time and money).
One of our most common conversations with clubs now involves discussions as to how the club should approach (over the next 5 to 10 years) the maintenance and upgrade of these ageing systems, with many clubs and committees now wishing to proactively plan for budgets and solutions over the coming years.


The benefit of the appraisal is that the club and committee end up with a single document, which explains all long and short term commitments required to insure safe and efficient irrigation of the course.
Our proven appraisal service provides clubs with a clear vision of future requirements relating to their irrigation system requirements, along with advice on up to date products and options.
As an advisory document, it will also allow for accurate information to be distributed with specific item information to any tendering supplier.

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This service begins with a full system inspection, including discussions with the clubs representatives to fully establish requirements.
Following the visit we produce a full written report (in plain English) identifying and discussing the following items, with recommendations on each topic, including current condition, position and serviceability.
Water Supply and provision
Water Storage facility
Pumping Station
Irrigation mains pipe lines
Irrigation lateral pipe lines
Irrigation control valves and chambers
Irrigation control system, including panel, cable and receivers
Sprinkler, condition, type, suitability and positioning
Ongoing maintenance of system (in house & external)

In addition to the report, we issue a full list of items requiring attention, with priority rating and timescales within which items need to be addressed and if needs be full budget costs.

appraisal-info-sheet-5Our appraisal team is headed up by Osprey Managing Director, Jon Jinks, who has been installing, maintaining and designing irrigation and water management systems since 1987.
Through all this time Jon has continued a hands on approach to all aspects of the industry and his technical knowledge, ability and habit of creating alternative solutions to clients has placed him at the forefront of the UK fine turf irrigation industry.

To book your appraisal or for further information, call 01939 211900 or email