Osprey GSM Level Alarm and Legionella Prevention System

The Osprey GSM Level Alarm and Legionella Prevention System is a remote level and pump failure alarm sensor which detects the presence or absence of water-based liquids.

Not knowing that your irrigation or water management system has gone down or failed to operate has long been an issue, as a result the GSM Alarm System has been specifically sourced by Osprey to resolve this problem.

It’s simple, GSM stands for Global System for Mobile, a system for digital mobile communication. As soon as you get a problem, the GSM Alarm sends you a text message to alert you of what is happening. The alarm system can send a text to up to 5 numbers, including to us!

This means that we can be reacting to the problem before you have even had time to contact us….we think you will agree that’s a brilliant feature!

The Osprey GSM Alarm System is reliable, cost effective and easy to install. It can be adapted to alert you of many issues, including:

  • Low Water
  • Pump Overload
  • High Water
  • Pump CosFi failure
  • Power Cut
  • Irrigation system decoder failures (only on compatible control systems)
  • Pump Station safety cut out


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