Osprey Water Management began as a service company, helping sports clubs and organisations to look after their irrigation systems.

As the years have gone by, our list of service contract customers has continued to grow. These days; our customers include bowls, private landscapes, sports pitches, skid pans… The list goes on! We pride ourselves in offering top level service to help our customers maintain their water management systems.

osprey-water-management-serviceWhy take out a service contract?


It’s basic physics that water expands when it freezes. When this happens within the confines of an irrigation system the results can be devastating.
In recent years our service department has attended record numbers of sites to repair frost damaged pipe work, valves and pumps. Some of these clients were lucky and the repair costs were minimal. However, in some cases the damage has been more severe with pump units damaged beyond repair.

An Osprey Service Contract removes this unnecessary risk, our engineers ensure the system is drained down to a point where any remaining water has room to expand without causing any damage. We also take the time to carry out a thorough inspection of key components and a quick station test to confirm all automatics are operational. This means we can advise you of any items requiring attention and allows repair works to be carried out whilst the system is not being used.


It’s obviously important to you to get the most out of your irrigation system. With an Osprey Service Contract, our engineers take the hassle out of getting your system up and running for the new season.

Once the system has been primed, our engineers carry out thorough testing of:

  • Water Supply
  • Storage Reservoir
  • Pumps
  • Mains Pipework
  • Lateral Pipework, Valves & Sprinklers
  • Control


We value our service contract customers, so whenever they have a problem we make it a priority to get to them as soon as we can. Not only that, service contract customers also benefit from reduced hourly rates for any call outs and repairs.

What it covers:

  • Spring Commissioning
  • Winter Close Down
  • System Checkovers
  • Priority Treatment
  • Reduced Hourly Charges

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