Over the years we have worked with and installed Wet Handling Systems at numerous high profile sites, incorporating specialised irrigation systems with advanced technology to create extreme driver conditions.

Recent VWH Systems include Rockingham Motor Speedway where the driver must negotiate fountains of water, which are remotely controlled by the instructor. All water from the VWH System is recycled via special filtration units.

Skid Pan System

High profile clients within this field include:

  • Prestige car manufacturers
  • Vehicle component manufacturers
  • Tyre manufacturers
  • Government bodies
  • Motor industry research facilities

Due to client confidentiality, we are unable to disclose many of the sites we have worked with. However, should you have an enquiry we will endeavour to provide you suitable references.

Skid Pan System Part of our standard system design includes the option to recycle available water, reducing  unnecessary wastage.

The bespoke nature of this type of facility has resulted in the supply and/or installation of our specialist vehicle handling equipment across many countries.